Sunday, October 27, 2013

Getting Our Kicks~ Route 66 Vaca ~ Day 14~ NOTHING will stay in Vegas

Las Vegas, NV and Lake Las Vegas, NV

      I stayed in the Luxor about 11 years ago.  If you ever get to stay in the Lux, be sure to get a room in the pyramid.  Riding a slanted elevator is a different experience.  You have to hold on because your body is not used to going up in a slanted direction while standing.  They don't take visitors up the elevators.  You have to show your room key to the elevator operator.
     A lot has changed since. For example, where we stayed used to be just a lake beside a small town with a few buildings in the road & Vegas still a few miles down the road.  Now houses and businesses now connect the two areas.

 Our hotel room for the night.

We enjoyed a very nice dinner in the hotel community on the patio.

Then enjoyed a free concert of Anthony James Baker and band.
I love smooth jazz.

Above: A shot of the rear of the stage from a pedestrian bridge connecting to another part of the hotel. It was a nice quiet get away from the hustle and bustle of the Vegas strip.

A large neighborhood, with cozy fire places scattered around as the temperature went down to 70°.
How come NOTHING stays in Vegas today?  
ALL the memories will go home with us.
Thank-you Mr. G for giving up a football Saturday to make some memories with me.
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