Thursday, October 31, 2013

Getting Our Kicks~ Route 66 Vaca ~ Day 18~Counting Miles

Georgetown, CO to Ellis, KS
We were supposed to have a 30% chance of snow.  It was falling when we went to bed, but we had a cozy fire.
 We woke up to a fluffy, wet 3 or 4 inch snow. Checking the weather told us it would be well above freezing by noon which gave us more time to eat and chat.
 So by noon we left my cousin's beautiful home.
Of course, upon my cousin's recommendation, we checked out downtown (which we would have anyway). It was a hard choice deciding on pictures of this VERY colorful town.  It seems they challenge the white snow with their colorful buildings.  I'm actually now glad I got to see this place with snow.

 What a wonderful idea for dead Jack-0-Lanterns after Halloween, a Pumpkin Smash!

Now which picture would you not have post?  It's a gorgeous place.
Back on the Interstate East 70 and down the road a few miles is Idaho Springs, CO

Stopped in Denver, CO to add to our list of  "Visits to Pro Football Stadiums."

Then basically started counting miles toward home as there was not much to see but open farmland through eastern Colorado and western Kansas.
 In Colorado you could see forever.  I wondered how many miles to that far ridge.
Then Kansas ended the day with an unusual cloud configuration in the South.
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  1. Wow Joy, you really covered the town. You are a photographer excellent! Thanks for all these photos. Now I'm looking forward to seeing ones from Georgetown, Kentucky.

  2. Georgetown in gorgeous. I definitely want to visit there now!

  3. Looks straight out of the movies! :) Danica

  4. Stunning photos. What a fab town I adore those homes. So bright and unique. Nothing like were'd see here in south england :):):) great post


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