Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting Our Kicks~ Route 66 Vaca ~ Day 8

Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM
After church in Amarillo @ Anna St. Church of Christ, we were on our way.  
Wished I'd gotten a picture of the church.
We've seen windmills to spinning out electricity,
 but we haven't seen them being transported in.

See the trucks lined up?

Lunch @ Vega, TX @ Rooster

 Then, just a few miles down the road was the midpoint of Route 66.

Crossing over into New Mexico put us in the Mountain time zone and some new landscape started appearing.

Took the road through Tucumcari, NM

      We stayed on Interstate 40 most of the day, because it was said most of RT 66 was dirt road or laying under the Interstate through this part. Still got so many awesome pictures.  It was so hard to narrow down for this post.

We exited Interstate 40 to drive through Santa Rosa, NM
The Blue Hole was very interesting.
 This couple was being taped for some kind of program.  
It didn't take long to know they knew a lot about this place.  
81 feet deep!  
Can you imagine?
Can you see why they call it Blue Hole?
While we were there, a couple of people decided to take a jump in the 61° water!  
The day's temperature was in the upper 60s.
As if I needed to be reminded, we found this store on one of the main streets.

 Crossing the Pecos river in Santa Rosa, NM

Back on the Interstate.  New Mexico has beautiful artistic overpasses.
    Got back off Interstate 40 just before Albuquerque, NM.  Started to get gas for $3.49 @ the HWY 333 (66) exit and just happened to check Gas Buddy and found it to be $2.79 just a few miles down the road somewhat off the Interstate.  
Yea, Gas Buddy, thank-you!
We started seeing Maple trees again?

Finally, arrived in Albuquerque, NM

There were changes of scenery throughout the day.
After writing this post, I think I've learned how to spell Albookurkee.
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  1. Interesting sights all along Route 66! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.


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