Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting Our Kicks~ Route 66 Vaca ~ Day 16~ Partial Review RT 66

Flagstaff, AZ to Albuquerque, AZ
         We left Flagstaff late because we were so tired from yesterday's long day. Our high top van was challenged with 15 mph crosswinds with 35 mph gusts (according to
        A couple of tumble weeds were killed and left as a pile of twigs.
        Today's review of Route 66 took the Interstate route which gave us a new perspective of the scenery.  

 Most of route 66, if not all, was accompanied by the railway.  Trains were about 15 minutes apart running both ways.
Can't help it, but New Mexico is just so much more beautiful than Arizona.
The beautiful rose colored stones are accented by so many other colors.
Then, add the fact the greenery is in peak fall foliage color right now.

 New Mexico's overpasses are beautiful with Native American art.
These large pots were in the right of way @ Gallup, NM
 Love how some trains add even more color.
 The funny for the day:  Did you order a Red Bull car?

Didn't realize we missed so many billboards.  We saw the old ones on old Route 66 and then a ton were on the Interstate.

We went by this old route 66 bridge westbound on route 66 just on the other side of the bridge, but I got a better view from the Interstate. 
Just had to show our room for the night.

 A cute touch.
I'd say sanitizing the remote control is an excellent idea.
Wonder if they sell sample size disinfectants?
     It's Monday night football time, so this thing got used.
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