Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting Our Kicks~ Route 66 Vaca ~ Day 11

Brastow, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA via Bakersfield

~We left Route 66 @ Barstow, CA and headed on westward to see relatives.
This day's drive was awesome in an eerie way.  SO DRY.  I was told that area was in their 3rd year of drought.
We saw a few signs of "pretending" they had water.
How about Mojave River?

 Then a whole bunch more of winding roads through dry mountain farm land.

 These pictures have not been altered. This is the real thing.

I fear when there is a rain for land slides.
A few irrigated fields in the valley before going over one more ridge to San Luis Obispo.
And, seriously a pink tree in October?  On Cal Poly Campus.
Then time for some family visit and blog was put aside for the night.

Excuse me now while I go get a glass of water.  Just looking at this dry land again has made me thirsty.

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  1. You can really see a long ways in some of these shots. It's dry, but still beautiful country! I like the windmills.


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