Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Slip Knot Tie Masks

  For folks that have a hard time tying a face mask behind your head and/or you cannot find elastic or a t-shirt to make loops, try tying a loop to wear over your ear. 

Here is a slip knot you can use to easily adjust the loop.

This mask is a bit faster to make because of the shorter tie. 

It's also easy to put on and take off as well as more comfortable. 

Tuesday Tip

First a few time saving tricks.
The strips are half whatever the width of fabric,
so half the sewing time for ties.

Stitch long edges with a serger for speed. 
Light gray thread goes with a lot of fabrics.
Make 2 pleats and hold with fingers instead of pinning.
Two pleats instead of 3 in same space is faster.
Why are 3 pleats needed anyway?
 Place center of strip approximately in center of pleats
Still no pins saves time.
 To find out how I stitch the ties
please see my other post entitled
Fun Friday ~ Revised, Quickest Handmade Cloth Tie Face Mask


How to Make a Knot that Slips

 According to my research this is not the official slip knot.
However, the knot will slide along the other tie.
Bring the top tie around the back.
 and under the other lower tie on the same side.
 bring around front
 and loop back through itself as you see above.
 Tightened the knot trying to secure in the spot just below the mask.
Arrange the knot so the bottom tie will lay on top.
It just looks neater.
 The knot should slip along the bottom tie.

 On the left side, you do the same.
The top comes under the bottom.
 and loops back over and through as above.
 Arrange the knot so the bottom tie is on top.
 You might want to cut off the excess and tie a knot at the end
so the slip knot doesn't slide totally off?
 The loop stays snug, but isn't tight like elastic.

 No long ties hanging around. 
Quick fold up to stow away in purse or pocket if need.
 This was mask number 510 for me.

Here are the directions for the first 300 or so I made.
Thoughtful Thursday 163~ Protective Masks



  1. I haven't seen this method of ties before - might give it a try if I have to make any more masks.

  2. Thank you. This tip came just when I was looking for a new method for the ties. I made about one hundred masks with four ties that measure sixteen inches. Half the time goes in to the tie making. This will save time and fabric. Trying this to day...Stay save.

  3. I must try this, my husband hates tying the mask, thank you.

  4. Oh my, thank you for this! The step by step with the knots! I was making another mask and the video just skipped over the slipknot steps and kt has been driving me nuts.
    Great job!

  5. I love the simplicity of your design, photos and instructions. Some seem to go on for pages and pages and it's hard to stay on track. Thank you! I'm off to make more masks using your technique.

  6. Una bellissima idea, grazie per la spiegazione esauriente. Voglio proprio provare. Grazie

  7. Thank you. You made what seemed difficult so easy. I'm changing my method from now on

  8. Thank you! I purchased (I don’t sew) some tie masks and some ear loop ones. We aren’t using the tie ones much because the ties are annoying. I followed your easy to understand knotting instructions and made them much more user friendly and comfortable. We so appreciate this tutorial.


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