Monday, May 25, 2020

Memory Monday 114 ~ Thread Boxes

This belonged to my Mother.
As a child I played with it.
Can you tell?
One whole row is missing.
Other rows are broken.
I'm still fascinated with how the beautiful spools of thread
bow out to greet you.
Then the other day,
one of my dear friends came by to
give me some sheets and other pieces of cloth
to possibly use to make masks.
She also gave me this!
An identical thread box with beautiful, wooden spools of colorful threads!
Notice how they were organized by color.

This is such a sweet gift.
Thank you Carole for the memories too.


  1. Sweet gift indeed! And amazing that they are a pair. I love the combination of new and old spools - obviously boxes that were well used and loved throughout the years.


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