Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday 167 ~ Wedding Dress Reminder

 This week I adjusted a wedding dress for a friend.
It made me think of a great rule for a successful relationship.
 The dress needed to be taken up a full inch on the shoulder.
 At first glance, I thought that just can't work without 
redesigning the neckline & armhole.
The lining was a stretch knit.
The lace was not stretch but was lacy enough it have some natural stretch.
So I pinned to see what it would do.
 Stretching was going to distort too much,
but it caused the other side to gather a bit.
 I tried a hand running stitch to see how it would gather.
It worked!
So by hand stitching slowly I guided the shoulders to work together.
The back softly gathered to fit the front.
It had me thinking how in a relationship
has to give a little.
Think about it.


  1. Such a great correlation, Joy! Also, what a creative way of fixing that problem with the dress, as I would've been tempted to cut away at the back to make the pieces fit. Gathering definitely was the right choice.

  2. Adjusting a wedding dress - now THAT would terrify me! Sez I, who had 40 fits today while trying to shorten the sleeves on DH's t-shirt!


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