Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday 163~ Protective Masks

 Our local quilt shop & quilt guild like many places
all over the country have gotten many requests for face masks.
I was apprehensive
since these don't compare to the N95 masks that are needed to defend against Coronavirus. 
Then I personally got a request from
 an assisted living facility that simply needed
 to protect residents against the flu still going
 around and now pollen.
I didn't have enough elastic for 150 masks
 so I needed to make ties.
In researching
 I found the ties
are preferred for long term wear.
I also discovered
many like different fabrics on each side
 so they can remember which
 is outside/inside.
With my arthritis,
turning a 9×6" rectangle inside out
 becomes painful after a while. 
So even though
 there are 100s of patterns,
tutorials & videos out there,
here is my tutorial
with a few more tips
 to make the process faster and easier to handle.

And besides,
 wouldn't it be a lot more fun wearing these
 than those boring blue masks?
And they're washable for personal use
& not disposable.

So if you are lucky to be stuck home,
dust off that machine

 I've made both 9x7 and 9x6.
Can't tell any difference. 
Turn inside out
Press seams flat
Fold along seam lines

Each crease line line 
will be pulled up half way to next crease line.

Stitch down pleats with 1/8 " seam
on each end. 

Cut in straight of grain, not bias.
Easier to manage and they're not being sewn on a curve.
Plus, it saves fabric.
Meet edges to center to fold into 1/4
and press.
You can press entire tie half then meet center
to help fold.
I eventually was able to hand fold as machine pulled the tie through.
I did press in the beginning end to help start.

Stitch right side of center of a tie 
to pleated end on the INSIDE
with 1/4 inch seam.
(Note you do see a bias seam in my tie because I had to piece fabric together to acquire needed length.)
I love, love my edge stitch foot to sew the ties.
Makes for super fast work.
I hand tucked edges to center
by pulling the tie taut and then folding in half.

After making about 20 of these,
I found out I could save about 5 minutes and my fingers on each by not tying knots.
Instead, press in the end on each end.

No frayed ends visible.

I also have requests from family
 and friends for 6 more.
I see
I hear people are dusting off
 their machines
 to help this cause.
So think about it,
some folks
 have a need
 just for standard masks. 
I simply remind them
DO NOT let these give you
 a false sense of hope
in defending yourself against COFID-19.

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  1. Great tutorial Joy - thank you. I just wish I wasn't so horribly claustrophobic, otherwise I'd be making them for myself. You're right to remind people that they don't replace the 'proper' masks for actual defense, but they certainly can protect for general use. Stay safe!


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