Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Perfect Narrow Topstitching: How To

  Recently I impressed even myself with some narrow top stitching on some handles for a bag I made.  As a carpenter would say, "It's easy when you have the right tool!"

Tuesday Teaser
Not a detailed tutorial but just enough to tease your brain with an idea.

  • First cut your handles the length you desired and the width plus 1/2 inch.
  • Press in half lengthwise and unfold (hotdog style).
  • Press in 1/4 inch on each side length wise (hotdog style)  I like for one edge to fold a couple of millimeters less.
  • Again, press along previously pressed half fold with the 1/4 inch sides tucked in.
I used what is actually called an Edge Joining Foot from my set of machine pressure feet.  (See the charts over at New Toys ~ New Feet for more info.)  As you can see I let the blade ride along the folded edge which sits on top of the other edge by about a millimeter. I manage how the edges sit on each other as the fabric goes under the foot.  The needle is slightly repositioned to the left. 

This foot will work very accurately for an edge top stitching
 for as wide as your needle will move to the left or right.
I think it does a very beautiful job.

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