Friday, April 7, 2017

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ My First Sit & Sew

                 I will soon start my third year in the local quilt guild and have never been to a monthly Sit & Sew held one Saturday a month and one weekday a month.  When I hosted the Quilt Exhibit last week, I was highly encouraged to attend the upcoming Sit & Sew at the local library.  So I went to just "see" what was going on. 
          You can take hand work or machine work.  This day all were doing handwork which I'm guessing goes on most of the time. Most of this group are unable to attend the guild meetings, so I met more quilters! They just sit and chat or just work. I was amazed at how many different topics were discussed. Don't know why I was surprised, because when I'm with teachers, we talk about teaching, and when I was with my computer teaching group we talked about teaching computers. So why wouldn't a group of quilters talk about quilting.
           One topic that came up was how to do the "rocking stitch." The needle goes straight down, then rocks back up through all layers, then straight down again.  Really, not that easy at first.  I've tried.

Another quilter decided she must be doing a "running stitch"
 because her needle was more at an angle when it entered the layers.
She tried the "rocking stitch."

Who knew you could learn so much from a small group?

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