Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Blue Jean Leg Basket

      Using my Grand Daughter's College School Colors of Red/White, I made her a basket to hold whatever, wherever. 
      This ingenious, simple idea came from my friend Pam from Australia over at Threading My Way. It's probably her most popular post as you will find it all over the internet on various web sites.  Check out her easy to follow Jeans Basket tutorial.  While you are at it, check out the ongoing linkies where many of us add our tutorials.  This is an invaluable link of ideas to various tutorial that are listed in categories.
     Of course I had to do a couple of things a bit different.   

*A Tuesday Teaser*

This pant leg came from her great grand dad's pant leg.  
Since the seams were not greatly angled, 
 I was able to cut straight across the leg
 and keep the hem intact.

I experimented with the bottom depth.

Instead of sewing right sides together and turning inside out,
I set the lining inside, 
turned under the top edge 
and top stitched just above the pants' original hem.
This eliminated the need to sew through the thick hem.
There are a thousand uses for these cloth baskets 
you could make in any size
Meanwhile, GO Big Red, Western Kentucky University. My Alma Mater too. 


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