Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #84 ~ Sewing with Garden Gloves?

          I'm so thankful rotary cutters were invented, because my hand would not be able to cut great amounts with scissors.  However, when my cutter started literally freezing up on me and wouldn't roll, I thought it needed a new blade.  
          One chore I despise is changing out the blades in rotary cutters.  It scares me tremendously, because even dull blades can slice a finger. So I grabbed my clean pair of cloth garden gloves with rubber covered fingers and palm to change out the blade.
         Turns out this brand of rotary cutter has to be cleaned often.  The lint was causing the blade to freeze.  I had cut some fleece with it.  I cleaned off the old blade with glove covered hands, and put the old blade back in. It cut like a dream! 
         Now, the next time I have problems I will THINK to do a cleaning first before I change out the blade with my Garden Gloves in my sewing room!

Think about it!


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