Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #94~ Scissors Around My Neck

I had this thought in my head for a year or more, to find a retractable lanyard to hold my scissors.  I had seen them at second hand stores before.  I lucked out and found one in Florida for fifty cents!

I THOUGHT this was a good idea because I thought the retractable device would let me stretch the scissors to meet my work then take them back out of my way.

Well, that thought isn't working well.
1.  I still grab my scissors I've always had beside my machine.  Hard habits are hard to break.
2.  If I wore it over my left or right chest, it only flopped up and down as I walked like a flag waving in the wind.  That distracted me.
2. A lanyard has always gotten in my way.  When I had to wear a name tag at school, I never could figure out the right way or place to wear it.
     a. Hanging on my neck kept battering students when I bent over to help them.
     b. I'd get it hooked up in a computer when I picked it up to move it which was one of my jobs as a tech teacher.
     c. A favorite place I did like was to loop through my belt loop, if I wore belt loops.  Got it caught in the car door though.  
Good thing I retired before I hung myself?

So now I'm thinking, why am I putting a pair of scissors around my neck?

Have you had thoughts that didn't turn out as great as you thought they would?
Think about it.

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