Monday, June 12, 2017

Memory Mon 53 ~ Shade Trees

 As a child, we didn't live with air conditioning on the farm.
Big shade trees were a blessing on a hot and humid summer day.
 We played a lot in the yard and around the barn, especially if there was a tree close by.
We set up play houses under the trees.
 My favorite spot was under a Pig Nut tree
where I took my little cars and made roads all through the powdery dirt.
Mother would pour her water from the ringer washing machine on my dirt
thinking she would deter me and get me away from the dirty dirt.
Oh, but I loved it then!
Mud Pie time!
On the days we had to work in the tobacco patch, 
(no child labor law against it then and I'm still alive and possibly more of a hard worker for it)
it was a great comfort to have a shade tree at the end of the patch 
while we sipped our ice water from a quart jar.
Pictures taken by Mr. G
Drive by camera shots
North 31E in Kentucky, USA

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