Saturday, June 3, 2017

Quilt Shot Block #88 ~ Six Strip Rail Fence: Cailee's Memory Quilt

Six Strip Rail Fence
Most Rail Fence Patterns are made with 3 strips.

This quilt was made as a bridal gift for Cailee using both her Papaws' shirts.
The shirts were cut into 2½ inch strips.

 The quilt was sketched to determine how long the strip set needed to be made,
and to later help me layout the pieces.

 Flannel is very loosely woven.  
This is a factor that causes the fabric to stretch with the body over a period of wearing.
When sewing strips together, to prevent the strip set from warping due to the loose weave,
the sewing direction was altered by sewing in opposite direction from the previous strip.
To remember which end to start sewing the next strip (to go in opposite direction)
a safety pin was placed at the end to mark the end to start sewing.

 Strips were laid in order to be sewn on the table.

 The red and the light blue were chosen to be outer strips because they contrasted well.
The outer strips will become the "rails."
 When making a Rail Fence,
the blocks are cut according to the width the strip set made.
Six 2½ inch strips = 12½ inches.
So the strip set was cut into 12½ inches.
An extra length was made to accommodate where buttons and bulky seams 
might hit at the cutting/stitching lines.

The drawing had to be used to help twist my mind during layout.
 Can you see the red and light blue strips creating the Rail Fence?
 Decided to try a new way to make the Quilt Tag.
 Tutorial later.
 Where problems cause creativity.
Not enough fabric for the backing,
and somehow I had a spare block to use.
With one more strip added, it fit just right in the corner.
The quilt tag was added onto that block before quilting.
 Pinning leader cloth.
 In the Dream Frame and ready to quilt.

 First run of quilting. Pleased.
 As bad as I want to do it all in one setting,
my body's muscles just lock up when they are done for the day.
 Feels good when the binding length works out right.
 SO glad I have this little work horse to do the binding.
It does not skip stitches in the heavy layers!
 The feeling when you finish!

 Buttons, pockets and tags were left when possible.

 A closer look at the block and quilt tag added to the back.

I hope Cailee & Kyle enjoy this memory quilt in their farm home.
Congratulations and best wishes.


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  1. Joy, it's are a very talented lady.

  2. This is perfect for a farm house, Joy - a very special bridal gift for Cailee, and one that is bound to be treasured and loved. I'd love you to add this to the Reusing Shirts linky.

    1. Thank you for asking. I posted it over @ . You have a great collection of "Reusing Shirts and Ties" ideas there.

    2. Thanks, Joy. I've showcased your fab quilt.

  3. I love your shirt quilts! I have saved my grandmother's shirts and some other clothing, aprons... Someday I hope to make a similar quilt, but I haven't quilted in ages and I'm currently afraid of the sewing machine! I think that'll change if I keep reading your blog!

  4. What a warm and cozy looking quilt!

  5. Hi Joy,
    This is just the best post of the day! I love this quilt - the buttons, the tags, the plaids, your label (!!). It is all SO great. I am sure Cailee and Kyle will just feel all the love, not only in your stitches and quilting but also from the shirts themselves. This is FAB. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I love how this came out. I've just started setting aside some shirts for a quilt - this is inspiring!

  7. What a fun idea to do with old shirts. Love iT!


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