Tuesday, June 6, 2017

New Sewing Room Tool: A Clothes Pin Handle?

       Do you have this fancy tool in your sewing room?  Every machine should have one close by.  You can't really find them in stores.  You have to create it yourself.  YES ! it's half of a spring type clothes pin !
       I found this tool idea watching Zazu's You Tube videos starting with her bags she makes from jeans. 

Tuesday Teaser

Years ago, I acquired a "Hump Jumper & Point Turner" because I was recycling old jeans to make my (little at the time) girls jumpers and needed something to help me get over the seams.  These things were super cheaper and apparently still are.  Typically you lay them "behind" the machine's foot with each side of the foot laying on the "rails" so the needle goes in between.  The foot is then level with the upcoming hump and can trudge on forward and hopefully not skip a stitch. 
When using the walking foot, it's not easy to use the Hump Jumper.  So the half clothes pin works great.  
An added benefit is the fact that one end of the clothes pin handle is at an angle which gives options of the depth you need.  
Since I need to readjust the placement of the clothes pin handle every 2 or 3 stitches, I turn on the option that raises the pressure foot automatically each time I stop.  This allows me to more quickly move the clothes pin handle up to follow the pressure foot.
I now use the clothes pin handle more than the hump jumper.


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