Monday, June 26, 2017

Memory Mon 55 ~My Girl's Memory Patterns

 The patterns I used to make my daughter's junior and senior prom dresses.
Their girls, my grand daughters, are now in college.
Notice how much their patterns cost and how much my pattern for prom costs.
only a generation later.
The cost from their generation now hasn't changed that much. Wonder why?
Below view B for one and view C for the other.
Above view E.
And then I made my oldest daughter's wedding dress. I also made the bridal party dresses & mine. It took about a year to make them all. Taking so much time allowed me not to stress out at all. I so enjoyed it. However,  I never wanted to do this as a business.  That would be stressful. 
as in view 1.
I added pearls to the lace.

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  1. The Exhibition of Princess Diana's Dresses is currently happening in London, a friend went and showed me her pictures. Many of Diana's frocks were in these styles. Well done you for making them for your girls


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