Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Memory 54 ~ Memory Dress Patterns

I was going through my many patterns the other day.
I've never gotten rid of a pattern, so I have every pattern I've ever used 
from high school.
I found the pattern I used in Home Economics to make my senior prom dress. 
It was like view 3 because I used trim on the neck and empire waist line.
It was yellow.

A couple of years later, I used the same pattern to make dresses for my 
maid of honor and brides maid. 

Above is my wedding dress pattern.
I used view A to make my wedding dress. 
It was a cotton with a layer of shear cotton.
Nothing super fancy.
It was an outdoor wedding.
I took pride in not spending much at all on my wedding.
It was a September wedding so on rehearsal night after we finished with the rehearsal,
the whole party went out in the field and picked golden rods to
 place in baskets I'd acquired from the throw away pile at the cemetery.  
Yes, I did.
The flowers & baskets were adorned with yellow ribbons.
Thus, the only flowers we paid for were the flowers I carried and the boutineers for the guys.
I thought it was a big success.

I notice these patterns were a dollar each.
Wait until you see how much the cost of patterns jumped for the next generation.

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  1. Memories, I believe the second pattern was one my Mom used to make one of my prom dresses.


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