Friday, June 30, 2017

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ Sewing Clothes Again

I used to sew everything I wore and everything my girls wore
and even some things the man of the house wore.
 Since 2000 I got very busy and had not made many clothes.
It also would let my mind think too much about how my life had changed so drastically.
I made just a few party dresses, because I couldn't find what I wanted in the store.
When I retired I got involved with making doll clothes and other Christmas projects.
Then my parents passed away and I started making memory quilts.
 Things have changed a bit since the local quilt store, Birdsong
asked me 2 months ago to teach others how to sew garments. 
It hadn't dawned on me that lots of folks had learned to quilt, but didn't know how to sew clothes!
So the fun of making something for myself  has hit me again
especially after that first top fit and felt so good.
And after checking the prices at the store,
I CAN still make it cheaper!
Now that's FUN for me!
I feel so lucky that Shannon asked me to teach.
The comradery at the store has been an awesome experience.
Come by on Tuesdays for a Sit & Sew and feel the FUN experience.

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  1. Fun for me too! If it doesn't end up cheaper, it always fit better. Not to say that it won't unravel, the finishing will be better, the buttons won't fall off, etc.
    I'm sure the ladies will profit from you expertise. Good luck for your courses! :-)


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