Saturday, May 13, 2017

Quilt Shot Block ~ Fourth Quilt is Four Corners Four Patch Memory Quilt

This is my fourth memory quilt of my Mother and Dad's clothing and bed sheets.
It was given recently to my sister and her husband for their surprise 60th birthday party.
It went together rather quickly.
All together it took 4 days from cutting apart shirts to binding!
Its not a full size quilt, but larger than a baby quilt.
 I call them couch quilts, because I hope folks cuddle up on the couch with them. 
Here's some shots of the process, minus the quilting frame.

This quilt was made from 4 of Dad's shirts
1 of Mother's house coats, a pair of her Capri pants,
 and part of one of their bed sheets for the backing.


 One of Mother's favorite summer house coats.

Strips cut and ready for border.
The left strip is Dad's shirt and the right is Mother's housecoat.

 One thing I'm able to do is expand my sewing table top a bit about 4 to 6 inches on each side.
by sliding the cutting mat and the Formica top
 which is not stationary on the plywood which isn't also stationary on top of the cabinets.
It's nice when you don't have to leave part of the quilt hanging off the table.

 While the clips hold the 3 layers together,
I can quickly use quilting pins to hold the layers together so I can put it in the quilting frame.
 Pinned and ready to move to the quilting frame which I forgot to take a shot.
 A better angle to show how I expanded the table top for pinning.
Do you remember these Formica panels you could buy to put on the wall or counter top?
I don't think you can by them anymore.
Note: You may have thought my cutting mat was stained or dirty in previous shots on previous posts.
Well, this is why it looks that way.
This gold shows through my cutting mat and makes it look dirty when I'm taking pictures.
The smooth Formica top works great and my mat does not slip easy
 but easy enough to slide for an event like this.
 So after the all the quilting is done except for outside borders,
I like to move it to the Ellisimo and free motion the borders. 
On this quilt I signed and recorded the quilt in the border with free motion.

I used the self binding method for this quilt meaning I rolled the backing over the edge to the front side. 
 I liked the gold color and feel of the sheet plus I didn't have enough fabric left to cut for binding.
When I do binding, I have to pull out the little brother machine
which is a work horse through these layers.
Mama Ellisimo skips stitches no matter how I try to override the tension
and change needles.
Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #59~ 2 Machines Work in Tandem 


The tag the rehab center added to Mother's housecoat.


  1. I was really surprised to see Joy & Greg at our party in KY. Even more to see this quilt in memory of mom/dad. Both made me cry, but happy tears. Joy amazes me with her talent of sewing and now quilting. She is carrying on a tradition that I know my parents and grandparents would be proud to see.
    I'm so happy to have this quilt with all its memories. Thanks Sis!

  2. Truly beautiful, Joy! A quilt that will be treasured.


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