Friday, May 19, 2017

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ The Quilt Gardens Trail of Northern Indiana

In 2009 Mr. G went on one of our first trips together.
One of the best trips for me, because it had to do with quilts and flowers.
In Northern Indiana you can grab a map and follow a driving trail
to check out various flower gardens planted in a quilt pattern.
It's a beautiful drive that includes Amish scenery, quilt shops and restaurants.
Best of all it's a FREE tour.
Find more info with the link below.


The following pictures were taken while the camera was accidentally on the wrong setting
and over exposed.
PhotoScape help correct some of the problem, but they still look a bit odd.

I wouldn't mind visiting again.
The website says there are several painted murals now.
and download your map.

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