Monday, May 22, 2017

Memory Mon 50 ~ Simple Retirement Memories

Does not seem 6 years ago that my girls honored me with the PERFECT retirement dinner.
Some would have wanted/expected a large number of people at a fancy place.
NOT me.
My daughters know me well.
I'm a country girl.
Love the outdoors.
The dining room table was drug outside along with any chair we could find.
The table was adorned with my daughter's home grown, hand picked flowers.
In my mind, it was a scene you'd find in the "Country Living" magazine
 or the "Folk Lifestyle" tumbler website.
 I don't care for large crowds.
I prefer quiet, calm and relaxation and sharing times.
Love moments like this one with my grand daughter.
My other grand daughter grabbed the camera and took all but the first 2 shots in this post.

We ended the evening down on the creek at what was at the time my new home yet to be moved into
with a marshmallow roast for dessert.
 It was a perfect time that created perfect simple memories.
For me life's simple pleasures are the best.
Good Memories


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