Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #90~ Juicy Strawberries

You just can't hardly find truly home grown strawberries these days.
Most strawberries from a grocery store are like eating strawberry flavored Styrofoam. 
Dry and hollow.
These juicy strawberries came from a local farmers' market.
 As I walked by the stand, the strawberry smell reached out and grabbed me.
I walked on to the other stands which did not speak to me the same way.
So I did grab some and glad I did.
They weren't hollow and so juicy they dripped down my hand.
 I remember as a child when Mother would take us to the only non-pesticide local farmer 
to pick our own strawberries.
It was SO hard not to eat them as we picked them.
I think the farmer was actually generous,
 because he could have charged us for at least the quart we ate in the field but didn't.

Mother would eventually let us go play in the yard with the farmer's kid.
Now that I think about it, was it a way to keep us from eating more berries?
Think about it.

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