Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quilt Shot Block #87~ Flip & Sew Quilt for Linus Project

  Flip & Sew
A quilt as you go technique that creates a reversible quilt.

 We have a lady in our quilt guild that has taken on the monumental task of 
collecting donated fabrics and supplies and then redistributing to people to make quilts
as well as collect quilts we make for the Linus Project.
At the last December meeting she brought zip bags full of sets of fabrics.
I grabbed this brightly colored bunch.
I had some scrap batting picked up at a yard sale just for Linus projects.

Our quilts are always received with a smile, big thank-you and I feel, with great gratitude.
There are no ridged rules which means its a great opportunity for us to throw our scraps together
or experiment, like I did when I got my quilting frame.
Our goof ups are taken in stride and I'm guessing the entire quilt is eventually cherished by someone.

 When I laid out the pieces,
I thought they would make a great reversible flip and sew quilt.
I had gotten the idea from Nancy Zeiman, but I don't see her video to share now.
However, Kaye Wood has a video of her 6 hour quilt which is very similar. Please see below for link

 I randomly cut up the pieces in strips 2 at a time, one strip for front and one for back.
While at it I cut 2½ inch strips for the binding.
This technique does not use a whole cloth of fabric for the backing.
Instead a matching strip is used for the back
 and sewn on the same time you sew on the matching strip of batting and top strip.
To start the first column, the matching sized strips are places right sides together,
then the batting is placed on top which would be laying on the wrong side of one of the strips. (see above)

The 3 layers are serged at one time.
Then flip the fabrics right sides out with the batting laying between. (blue)
Lay the next strip (green) right sides with the blue,
then batting on top,
then another green strip to the right side of the blue on the back.

Stitch down the side stitching all 6 layers together.
Then flip out the green column and add on the red.
The quilt stitches quickly using my serger

Cut off the ends to even the edges if necessary.
I ran out of fabric, but I just happened to have some fabric in my stash
that blended in well with the primary colors.
Curious George worked great.
I thought this fabric might be a great conversation piece with the child that would be receiving this quilt
for whatever worrisome reason.

 For more information
please check out the Linus Project web page.

Kaye Wood's Six Hour Quilt


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