Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #102 ~ Coat of Many Colors

If you were asked to make a "Coat of Many Colors," 
what would be your first thoughts?

If you are familiar with the King James Bible,
you might say, "Joseph?"

How would you make that coat?
Strips of different colors of fabric maybe?

I was asked to make one for a Vacation Bible School Play.
I love this kind of challenge, where I get to let serendipity take its course.

First I sifted through my old, what some now call Vintage, patterns in the sizes I needed.
The wearer chose her favorite.
Then I pulled some red upholstery fabric. 
Yes, upholstery.
And, my scraps.
Looking for "many colors of scraps!"
Now that was fun.

What would your "Coat of Many Colors," looked like?
"THINK about it."


  1. Love it! I made one of these for a sunday children's service about 15 years ago - using an old dressing gown pattern - I made a plain lining [old sheet] then a huge piece of fabric from lots of different bits, using the 'strip and flip' technique. I was really pleased with the finished result. It got used more than once for various events. We moved on from that church 2½yrs ago. Suddenly one day , I said to my husband "I don't remember packing the coat of many colours" - and we realised we had left it hanging on a coathanger, behind the door in the Minister's Toilet!! I hope the new Pastor is able to make use of it,

    1. Thank you Angela for telling us about your "Coat of Many Colors." Wish you had a picture to share?


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