Friday, August 25, 2017

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ Who Needs a Mug Organizer?

 Mug organizers are quick, easy and FUN to make.
 They don't take much fabric to make, especially when you use scraps.
 When I set out to make just one, 
I think of someone else that can use one
so I cut out another.

Before you know it,
I've spent a bunch of fun hours in the sewing room.

Oh, I was reminded by the first comment that
you might like to have a pattern.
I designed this pattern after seeing Simplicity's pattern that used bias binding
which I despise using.

If you are interesting...take a click:

Mug Organizer




  1. Joy, these are so cute! Did you use a particular pattern? Every desk and working area needs at least one of these and who doesn't have an old (ugly) mug in the house that needs dressing up? Great gift idea, too!

    1. Thank-you Kathy for reminding me that I had forgot to post the pattern. I've updated the post and included it. I designed the pattern to not use bias tape. EnJOY!


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