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Free Skirt Purse Pattern w/ Tutorial -Revised Directions

Even though this tutorial and free pattern is almost 5 years old, and this purse is no longer being sold by the company, I still have hits on this post.
   I recently received an email asking to clarify some directions.  Now, 5 years later as I revisit this post myself, I realize the directions can be a bit confusing.
    More importantly, I've discovered a VERY IMPORTANT step that was left out  of the construction!
     Since the original post has been pinned thousands of times, I'm not going to delete the old post, but rather just link it to this revised post.  So if you came by way of the older post, welcome and enjoy making a purse skirt or 2.

Tuesday Tutorial
 Revised tutorial for creating this purse skirt.

 Be sure to read on to see the money saving trick I learned from the Yard Sale Lady 
for attaching the skirt to the purse.

Here is my skirt purse pattern link I made 
I hope the link works.  Google has deleted some of my docs.  Sometimes works, sometimes not.
NOTE: 10/16/21- The pattern above is marked for anyone with link may download file. 
Yet, for some reason google is sending me emails
 asking me to change permission allowing people to download. ?????
I'm sorry if you can't download.
I wish google would fix the problem. 
Please check the measurements of the pattern to make sure it printed correctly.
 My pattern is made with tissue paper, so I can see through and fussy cut if need.
 Picture above shows a piece of fabric folded in half, so the pattern can be placed on the fold.
Two must be cut on fold, one for front and one for back. No lining is needed.
  I cut the facing with the ruler rather than the pattern piece.
Please do as you prefer.
For this purse I did machine embroider my name.  This is the time, to add details such as embroidery or applique,  or even an outside pocket. 
OR, you could embroider first and then fussy cut if you like working with larger piece of fabric and want to make sure the embroidery is centered perfectly.

I know the pros will choke when they find out I used a simple all purpose thread instead of expensive embroidery thread.  For this simple style, I ran the stitch twice and it worked fine.  Be brave and try something different.  Besides, it wasn't like I was messing of a $5.00/yd fabric.
Interface the strips with  interfacing (I use iron on) or even self fabric that is cut 1/4" less wide than the strips.  Turn over one long edge on each strip and stitch along the edge. (I use the inside of my pressure foot as my guideline along the edge.)

For each side of the bag, stitch the interfaced strip to the body of the bag as seen below. This is a straight cut strip, not cut on the bias, so it won't stretch.  It manages the slight curve OK.   

     After interfacing/facing is sewn on the body of the bag, understitch the facing by flipping up and pulling the seam up with the facing. Stitch about 1/8 inch from the seam or enough to stitch the seam & facing together as seen below.  Tip: if you don't understand how to understitch, check you-tube for a video to show you.
Understitching helps stabilize the seam and helps it turn toward the backside. Notice in the picture above, the seam is pull up and away from body of bag and is being sewn to the facing.

To understitch, above, I'm using the inside of the clear part of my foot to gauge my stitching from the seam.

When understitching is finished, you have the result above (unfolded.)
  The top row of stitching in the picture is from folding over the edge,
  & the bottom row is the understitching just finished.
Fold the band along the seam, making facing & purse body right sides together.
When you fold the facing and body right sides together.
Stitch the curved end as shown.
The other side is shown below.
I stitch from this side so I can see the curve.
 Trim off facing end along the curve as shown below.
Trim off corner also.

 Finish remaining raw edge with a zig-zag stitch.

** A step that has been omitted in the original directions**
NOW after all these years, I've discovered a mistake!
This step is important to the placement of safety pins that hook on to the bag later in these directions.

 Turn the facing inside out.
Top stitch the facing to the body of the bag about 5/8 inch from the edge.
You should begin at the curved end, by turning under the raw edge,
continue across and down the other curve, turning under the raw edge.
You may prefer to stitch from the wrong side,
starting with stitching up the curved edge and
then across the body of the bag
  following the stitching line made when long edge of facing was turned under
and finally down the other curve, turning under the raw edge. 
Above is what the facing will look like when finished. 
(I did mine from right side, so I wasn't able to follow the stitching made when edge was turned under.)
This step provides a stable strip to place safety pins as will be shown after you sew the boxed corners shown below.

Make a boxed corner your favorite way.
My pieces already came with the corner cut out about 1 1/2" deep, but note on the pattern I don't cut out the corner.  After stitching sides and bottoms, just pull the corner apart like you see in the second picture above, measure down about 1 1/2" from corner (or check your original skirt), and proceed to stitch across, then cut off excess corner leaving a 1/4" seam.  Personally, I don't cut it off, because I think it leaves a stronger support for the corners.

Now the money saving trick I learned from the Yard Sale Lady.
For the metal hooks used to connect the skirt to the purse she used:
Yep!  Safety pins.  A safety pin about 1 inch long works just as good as the metal hooks and much faster to attach.  No hand sewing!

Now go make a bunch of skirts for your 31 Gift Purse.  If you're like me, you won't be able to stop!
Beginning to wonder if I can add skirts to my other purses?

As a former school teacher, this had to be one of the first I made from my 400 Mile Yard Sale Stash.
The need for revised directions was brought to attention by a reader named April.
I want to thank her.  She was very kind in asking me to clarify a direction.
I asked and received a picture of her completed purse skirt!
I wish others would email me their completed purse skirts so I can share them and the ideas with other.

I've had a few email inquires asking if I have a pattern for the newest skirt purse.  
Sorry, at this time I do not.
You can now find a pattern for the larger, newer purse 
this post.click here

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and check back with the comments here for your answer.  
Thank-you, JOY

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Thanks to 
GIMP for cropping & other digital effects
PicMonkey creating collages used on this page
 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo

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  1. This is great! I know people who were very upset when the purse was discontinued. I love your embroidery, too!


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