Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sewing Patch Pockets-The Easy Flip Method

    Last Tuesday's Tutorial was the Draw Strap Backpack.  You can add pockets inside and outside as you like with the remaining bit of fabric or use scraps.
     Beginner's might need a tutorial for those pockets.  There is more than one way to apply patch pockets.  So here is the tutorial for what I call the "Flip Method Pocket."

Tuesday Tutorial
Decide the size pocket you need and cut the fabric double the length
so you can fold it at the top.
Remember to add extra on sides and bottom for seams.
Fold right sides together and pin corners.
Stitch from bottom up.
This trick helps make sure the corners match.
Flip over so the other side can be sewn from the bottom up.

 Turn right side out & press.

 Place pocket on desired location.

 Mark pocket 1/4 inch from bottom for stitching line.

 Flip the pocket upside down matching the lines drawn.
Pin and stitch along the line (across the raw edge.)

 Trim threads.

 Flip pocket back up and topstitch around edge.
Backstitch corners which will be pressure points.

 Trim threads on front and back.

That's it!



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