Monday, August 7, 2017

Memory Mon 58 ~ World's Long Yard Sale Memories Revisited

We revisited the World's Longest Yard Sale this year.
Left home on Saturday, August 5 and drove to Danville, Ky.
Mr. G had already done Danville to Frankfort, Ky on Thursday and Friday.
By around 7 on Saturday, we had reached 
Jamestown, TN where this yard sale originated years ago.
It was still going strong.
Traditionally around where I live,
folks shut down yard sales by 1 pm on Saturdays.
Not on this day.
We did make it all the way to Gadsen, Alabama
which was the end of the line for us.
We only made about half a dozen stops.
We only wanted to drive,
see the amazing sights
and review our yard sale memories.

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