Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #99 ~ Reminded of Fishes and Loaves

Last Friday I mentioned I worked with scraps
and Saturday I showed a block made from those scraps.
Funny thing about those scraps.
 I sorted
 and matched, and sewed and trimmed
  and matched, and sewed and trimmed
 and matched, and sewed and trimmed
for about 90 minutes and turned out 6 twelve inch blocks
and still had this!
and this
after another 2 hours of matching, sewing and trimming and
when what to my wondering, blurry eyes appeared?
AND I still had this!↓
I thought about the fishes and the loaves written about in John 6: 1-14
 and retold several more times in the New Testament,
because when I finished I still collected 2 baskets of scraps!
I THINK my scraps were multiplying on the table before I could use them?
When they do get down to be so small that a quarter inch seam would eat them up,
they go to the "Doggy Bag" at the local quilt shop called Birdsong.
"THINK about it."

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  1. Scraps are fantastic. As we use them, they provide new possibilities, almost indefinitely. Yours produced beautiful blocks. :-)


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