Monday, July 10, 2017

Memory Mon 56 ~ Retirement Journals

On my first day of Retirement on June 7, 2011
I started a journal.
At bedtime each day, I write down by time &
what I did that day which might include:
medications I took, started, stopped
medical problems I experienced
major purchases and repairs
business & errands I have done
travels- OF COURSE!
I rarely write opinions, but they are mentioned on occasion.
Tucked away on a sticky is my prayer & prayer list for the night.
I HAVE to keep a prayer list because I can't remember all. 
So when June 7 rolls around,
I start a new journal.
After 6 years of retirement,
I have 6 book (journals.)
Amazing how hard it is to find a journal with at least 365 pages.
In my childhood days many of us kept a diary.
I guess, keeping a diary or journal is not a thing anymore?

 I finally found one, and only one at Barnes & Noble.
Year before last, I went ahead and bought 2 because I was afraid they would stop making them.
This one actually has more than 365 pages, so I have more pages available for other notes.
Every year when I do my taxes, I've had to go back to these journals for dates.
I've noticed how medicines coincide with how I feel and recently came to a conclusion that some of my medication had caused me problems and suggested to my Doctor what I had observed via my journal.
He agreed it was a possibility.  Medication has been stopped and I am feeling better!

While I really just wanted to record my memories, I had no idea it would come in so handy.
I had read that writing about your day when you go to bed is a good way to prepare your mind for rest.  Adding my prayer definitely helps me get ready for bed.

I do think writing a journal stimulates my memory to remember the day.
I'm sure later on in years, I'll enjoy reading my journals and this blog
of memories.

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  1. What a thoughtful post! I loved reading it and thinking about how I should do the same!


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