Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sun Best ~ Baiting the Empty Nester

 This little fellow apparently flew the coop down onto my deck.
 He wasn't able to fly, so Mama had to bring him food.
 Apparently she was concerned about his safety, and didn't want him out in the open.
She used the bait as bait to move him under the chair.
 Little bird didn't like that one bit.
 Mama was persistent.
 As Mama headed under the chair to safety,
Little Bird attempted to use his wings.
 Little Bird crash landed.
 And, apparently had a pity party.
 Mama finally gave in and handed over the bait.
 and went hunting for more bait, or was she giving me the eye?
 She is a loud one for her size.
I guess she was trying to draw attention to her away from her Little Bird.
What I want to know, doesn't that loud chirping drive away the grasshoppers and worms?


  1. Oh, poor little thing! Loved your story, and I hope the wren is safe tonight. Beautiful shots of the parent!

  2. Hello,:) I hope the baby will be safe. Lovely shots of Mom feeding her offspring.:)

  3. Attendrissante petite famille ;-)
    Céline & Philippe


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