Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bride's Father Gift

        A Bride to-be sent me a picture she found of a tie that had a heart sewn inside with a message for the father. She asked if I could put messages on handkerchiefs for her father and grandfather.
        I LOVE this kind of challenge.  I decided to make them like I've been making my quilt labels recently. 

Tuesday Photographic Tutorial


 Turn inside out.
 Practice writing and placement with heat erasable pen.
The trace with permanent ink pen.
When ironed onto handkerchief the red will disappear.

 Oops, at this point I realized I had the wrong date.
Because of the permanent ink, had to make this one over.
Good thing I was given a pack of 6 handkerchiefs. 😊

 Yes, that's the way she used to say it.


Used Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo

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  1. What a beautiful, thoughtful gift idea Joy. I really love it, such a special memento for a very special day. I think if I was the Dad, I'd probably just burst into those happy tears.


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