Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sun Best ~ Humming Bird House Call

 I had put up a hummingbird feeder.
 Before long I had a customer.
and some I didn't want.
 The customer was curious and cautious,

 but had a good meal.
He/she even gave a great pose.
BUT, after the meal,
he/she decided to make a house call
and flew through my open doors into the house.

Poor thing. You could tell he/she couldn't understand being able to see a tree and not get to it.
She/he never landed. Just kept those wings going.
Once she/he got behind the blinds, I was able to capture her.
Of course the heart beat matched the wing speed.
 For a long minute I felt the amazement that I was even experiencing this event,
After I took my selfish pictures,
she/he had calmed down a bit and
made me feel better to release a calm bird vs an excited bird.
I slowly released my hand,
she took a pause,
and flutter away.
It was a Sunday Best for sure.
Thank-you God for the experience.

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