Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #27~ An Old Christmas Present

      Years ago when my children were young, and before and in the beginning of my low paying teaching job,
I had to make Christmas presents to cut costs. Of course a lot of work was fabric and needlework. Projects almost never turned out as well as I liked.  This piece had too much puckered fabric to suit me.
       Our farm didn't look like this. We didn't even raise a horse.  It just reminded me the farm where I grew up.
      This was an embroidery kit. These kits worked something like the paint by number pictures.  I don't know if these kits are still sold.
       I couldn't afford to have it framed, but Mother did.  I always felt she must have liked it a lot to have it framed.
      When we cleaned out Mother and Dad's house, I knew this piece would have more meaning to me than to anyone that might buy it.  So, I brought it home, and placed it where I see it everyday I'm home. 
Just another memory of Mother and Dad in my house.

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  1. I love this crewel work. This picture looks like one my mother did years ago.


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