Saturday, December 19, 2015

December Quilt Guild

This post includes quick capture shots using the little Canon.
This past July before I joined, members traded fabrics.
The fabrics were then taken and created into something special.
Some were combined with other fabrics.
The special item was brought this month and traded as gifts.
Items were shared rather quickly, so it was hard to get good shots,
and many were missed.
It was interesting see folks recognize their own fabrics in surprise.
One lady turned over some Christmas fabric she didn't know how to use.
She was in awe, and a lot of others oooed & aaaaahed.
Then we moved on to "Show & Tell."
The first was a quilt made for the "Linus Program."
There is a person in our Guild that collects the Linus Quilts and sends them on their way.
One of the members helped a teenage girl make this quilt.
She told us the girl chose the fabric.
A pillow was made to match. It's laying on the table.
A quilt for a new grand baby.

Thanks to the FREE programs:
 Photoscape for downsizing, watermarking &  other photo editing.

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  1. What gorgeous quilts. Some of them look very complicated.


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