Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ohio Covered Bridges ~ Part 6

Teegarden / Centennial
Location: Lisbon, OH
Lat. / Long.: N 40.821872   W 80.826963
Built in: 1876

Sells / Roller Mill
Location: Lisbon, OH
Lat. / Long.: N 40.738169   W 80.819802
Built in: 1995

 It was a super beautiful time of the year to travel.
 McClelland / Kinmuer
Location: Lisbon, OH
Lat. / Long.: N 40.728834   W 80.835774
Built in: 1871

David E. Hindman Memorial
Location: Richmond, OH
Lat. / Long.: N 40.464772   W 80.747023
Built in: 1997
Yes, we traveled these types of roads.

 INDIANA Bridges explored:
Begin HERE
Anatomy of a Covered Bridge

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