Thursday, December 17, 2015

Machine Embroidered Stocking Gift Tags- Free PES

     My Christmas present this year to fellow machine embroiders.
     Here is something special you can add to your gifts this year, or if you don't have a gift, tuck one inside these little stocking gift tags.  This free PES file uses double stitch instead of satin stitch to make the process a bit faster, and it doesn't use as much thread.
     You can make one or five depending on the size hoop you have & the file you choose.
         First, if your machine can edit a file, upload the gift tag file and add the names to the stockings.  At the main menu screen, I have to go into "Embroider Edit" mode, pull up my file and the screen above is shown.  I hit "add" and get the screen below where I will go to the font and type in the name.  I size, rotate and move to the correct position on the stocking.

There is some applique involved. Also, if you want the stocking to hold something, a back will need to be added.  Therefore, steps need to be followed.
          Step 2-----
         involves cutting some pieces for the stocking top over 1 inch wide and over 2 inches.  I oversized my pieces to make it easier to hit the prestitched square.  I used scraps.
      No need to pin or stick down the white pieces.  Here on an earlier prototype (where other stitching was done out of order) you see I placed them one at a time by hand with the hoop in the machine.
        After step 5 is finished, take the hoop out of the machine, 
but DO NOT unhoop the work.  
        Trim away the excess of the white.    
        Next, add the back.

Use your favorite method to attach the back. I use just a touch of adhesive and painter's tape.
   I used just enough fabric to cover the stitching. I later found out I didn't need the tape when I sprayed a tad of adhesive to all 4 corners of the fabric.
   After running the basting stitch which is included in the file, I took the frame out to check to make sure the fabric was laying flat.  I also trimmed sections I thought might fold under and get caught in the stitching.

 Remove stabilizer, and cut out with pinking sheers
 I stitched a gold cord through all at one time.
 Then I pulled through amount of thread needed for a loop.
Cut and tied a knot in the end.
Something to consider is the color of bobbin thread to use.  
I like the top to be stitched in white on the front
and red on the back.
The white shows all the "hairs" on the back.
They may end up being part of my tree decorations?

HERE are the free PES files
I understand there is a free software that can covert embroidery files.
 Later I'll show you how I made some Stocking Cards
without the embroidery machine.

Thanks to the FREE programs:
 Photoscape for downsizing, watermarking &  other photo editing.

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  1. These are adorable!!! Thanks for sharing at the Submarine Sunday Link Party!!


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