Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Super Simple Deviled Eggs

          Cannot believe I have not shared my favorite Deviled Egg recipe.  They are my favorite because when I take them to a family dinner or potluck, they usually disappear.  If you are a vinegar/salt person, you will love these.  Mr. G eats them like popcorn.
            I came across this recipe with the help of my Mother.   It has been added to my personal cookbook that my sister gave me in 2004.  You can tell it has been well used.

               After I moved away in 2000, during holiday dinners, I would wait to fix my dishes at Mother's house.  One of those first years she pointed me to a recipe in a Homemaker's cookbook.  I had always made my Deviled Eggs with a bunch of ingredients including mustard & pickle relish.  This recipe didn't seem like it would be any good. It was just too simple. 
        Thinking Mother knew what she was talking about, I tried it.  Everybody loved them!  After dinner, they stood around the deviled egg dish and finished them off.  From that day forward, it was my job to make the Deviled Eggs.   
          Notice I even wrote that I like to add pickle relish.  Actually, it's been years since I've added pickle relish. 
          I tripled the recipe to take to big dinners. Got tired of calculating, usually in a hurry, so I wrote a tripled recipe.
Mix all ingredients. 
      I like the zing in Hellmann's and most of the time I add a heaping 2 tablespoons.  I have found that Duke mayonnaise is tasty as well.  
      I use a substitute sweetener.
      If I make a large batch, I put the filling in a zip sandwich bag & cut a small part of a corner off creating a quick piping bag.

          All my life, folks have sprinkled paprika over Deviled Eggs?  I'm lucky to have found Smoked Paprika and use it. 

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