Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 More Indiana Bridges~One Lucky Historical Society Adopted Bridge

So our journey began on the last day, with #17 in a park in Kokomo, IN.  
#19 was not on the map, but just discovered in a golf course and snapped while driving down the road.

#18 was well preserved and included a park set up by a local historic society.  Definitely the nicest setup, including information, of all we visited.

 Then moving on, we found triplets that were about 1/2 hour apart.  You can tell they had the same builder.

Yes, I have promised you the most unusual bridge of all and its still yet to come.  They say there is no other in the world like it.  Also, have you guessed how many bridges we saw in all?  Here's a clue:  The next post will show the end of our Indiana Covered Bridge Adventure.

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  1. they are all so different. all the decor & fun. i like how you laid out the post. # them & all. probably makes it easier to keep in order. (:

    1. Hi

      Thanks for visiting my blog....I HAVE come over to see all of your covered bridges! My goodness you have alot! This is fun! :)

  2. These are so interesting! I didn't realize there were this many covered bridges still intact!

  3. Love seeing all those bridges. I like the triplets. I'd love to come down there and take that tour.
    And you're welcome to come up here and see the countryside!

  4. Man, you photographed a lot of bridges! The historical society bridge is sharp! Obviously, well maintained. I love the windows on 24 and 26...at least I think they're windows. Haven't seen that before. Anxious to see the last bridge you mentioned!

  5. What a fabulous adventure. Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!!


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