Saturday, February 27, 2016

Quilt Shot Block #58d ~ Woven Friendship Star WIP for QOV

      On Quilt Shot Block #58c, I had gotten 16 blocks completed.  Did you figure out which block I decided to use in each corner to finish this Quilt of Valor quilt?
      I decided to use the Old Glory block. 

     This was Quilt Shot Block #3, which I then turned into a  holiday pillow that I use to decorate my porch during Memorial & Labor day and Fourth of July.  This block was designed by Debby Kratovil and can be found in her Quilter's Block A Day Calendar. 
      I changed the measurements to make a 12 inch block.
           When I made the pillow, I sewed the pieces by row.  For some reason, I had a hard time getting everything to line up when doing rows all across.  I had better luck when I did the 2 sections as shown above.  Then I created the bottom and added it on.
        This quilt was a challenge for me.  Lining up seams are ok, but lining up angles are a different thing.
      I finally figured out I could roll back to match the angled seam lines.
Then as I held the seam, I placed a pin on the right side of the seam.
Then pinned the left of the seam.
Then the center.  I used the center pin to help me see this intersection as I was sewing and to make sure I sewed across this spot.  I was wishing for my open toe foot.
Sometimes I had to put the center pin in first by looking at the right side to make sure I had hit the intersection.
As you can see above, the technique worked real well.
I didn't have to rip any out as I was putting the rows together.
I decided to use the "Old Glory" block because of the mini friendship star it contained.
When I laid out the finished top, I realized I could have put a white center in the mini star, but I think I like the red block better.

This quilt top is 48x60 inches and the QOV minimum requirement is 55x65.
So I need to decide on a border to make it that large.
Any ideas?

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  1. Lovely quilt! Your corners look great. Thanks for the pinning advice :)

  2. Lovely fabrics and colors. Love the blocks and the effect of all the blocks together. The red centers are perfect!!

  3. This is a lovely, very patriotic-feeling QOV! Can't wait to see it will be spectacular!

  4. Nice quilt. How about adding 2 borders? One finished at 2" and one finished at 5" which would get the size you need top to bottom and extra side to side. I'd probably do it in red and blue. Good luck. Someone is going to appreciate this a lot.

  5. I know how difficult it can be to align seams properly. I understand you very well. ;-) I think you did a very good job. Your top looks very neat. Your four hearts complement the other pattern beautifully.
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a good weekend!


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