Saturday, February 6, 2016

Quilt Shot Block #58 ~ Woven Friendship Star

Woven Friendship Star

          About 3 weeks ago I signed up to participate in National Sewing Day for Quilts of Valor for February 6, 2016.  After I registered, I started researching quilt patterns.  First I looked through my collection on this blog.  I knew I wanted to use a star pattern. 
              Looking at the pattern I named "Joy's Star" that used only 2 fabrics, I designed a block that looked woven when placed together in a quilt. After further research on the internet, I found out that design was already called "Woven Friendship Star."
  Then I went on a Quilt Shop Hop in Florida and collected some fabrics.
I used this technique to make half square triangles.
Used my new rotary cutter Mr. G got me at the Quilting in Paradise Quilt Show in Port St. Lucie, Fl yesterday.
One ten inch square makes 8 half square triangles.
          I did put in about 4 hours on this quilt today.  Time had to be spent in setting up my "sewing room" again as I am working on this away from home.  Fabric for 8 twelve inch blocks were cut, sewn and cut into half square triangles.  By 10 pm I had 1 block completed.
          Everything is ready for me to get right back to work on rainy days when I'm not on the beach or taking a road trip with Mr. G.

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  1. I love this method of half square triangle and have used it several times. It sure beats cutting a bunch of triangles and worrying about stretching. Thanks for linking up at Podunk Pickin's.


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