Saturday, February 13, 2016

Quilt Shot Block #58b ~ Woven Friendship Star WIP for QOV

Woven Friendship Star
Uses basically 4 fabrics (colors), Red, white, blue, off white
Last week, I made one block so I'd have something to share for the Quilt Shot Block
Here are some of my experiences & some things I jotted down to remember about making this block for QOV.
I got up the next morning, Sunday, and decided to at least put these 2 blocks together.
Compared to the slow cutting process yesterday, and probably because I wasn't as tired, the matching of seams and sewing went rather quickly.
They turned out great! Didn't have to restitch a single one.
I noticed the same 2 squares just flipped to go in the top row.
So I quickly made all 16.
Then I added the next square which required no seam matching.
 In no time, all 16 rows were finished.
 I had no idea I'd get this much done before church.
 I still had an hour before it was time to get ready, so I pressed them.
 Would you believe time got away from me and I was late to church!
After church and lunch and a small ride around beautiful Satellite Beach, Fl, we got back to the condo and I couldn't wait to finish the blocks since they went together so fast.
I took half of the 16 rows I made, and rotated them.  To make the middle column I took half the red/white blocks and rotated them.

 Then continued to make the middle row, then the blocks.
 Seams pressed as shown before strips were sewn.
So by cutting 2 ten inch blocks of each color and eight 4½ inch center white blocks,
I got 8 Woven Friendship Star blocks.
I'm making 8 more.

Quilt Shot Block #58 ~ Woven Friendship Star

Quilt Shot Block #58c ~ Woven Friendship Star WIP for QOV

 Quilt Shot Block #58d ~ Woven Friendship Star WIP for QOV



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  1. Good job! You certainly got a lot of blocks done! This will make a wonderful QOV.

  2. You certainly matched the seams beautifully! I like your flowery blue fabric... reminds me of a skirt I once had, except it was black and white.
    I like how all the blocks look together. What started with a somewhat simple block is becoming a more intricate pattern. The magic of quilting. :-)


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