Monday, February 1, 2016

Little PRW Brother Stitch Sampler

          About 3 years ago, I created a Stitch Sampler for my Ellisimo.  It has come in handy many times as a reference when trying to determine a stitch to use in a project.  
          I had bought a Project Runway Brother machine to use as a back up when the Ellisimo was busy embroidering.  Turns out it's very light and easy to take to workshops.
          Took me a while to realize it had a lot of built in stitches.  Recently I made a stitch sampler of those stitches.
          Last August we went on the HWY 127 Yard Sale in Ohio.  I came across a Polly Flinders box that had a pile of these white scraps leftover from a factory cut.  You would not believe how many times I've grabbed some of these pieces for a project.  Most recently I used them to make some Fabric Flower Cards.
          These pieces were the perfect book page size to make a small sampler.  This would be much smaller pages that the Ellisimo sampler.
          I stitched 2 pieces together with a double line down the left to resemble the left border on notebook paper.

          Quickly I decided the stitches didn't look very nice and determined the tension was wrong.  Probably got moved in packing it to bring on my Florida trip.
          So I got all the stitches sewn.  I decided it needed a cover.  Maybe I've been in Florida too long around seafood, but I thought these pieces looked like a fish head.
          I've yet to determine how to bound the "pages."

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  1. WOW! This is awesome! I just found your web site from NTT!! Love the stitch sampler idea! So smart!! Will follow your blog for sure!

  2. What a pleasing activity! I can see how your sampler will come handy as your machine seems to have many stitches. I wonder how you will bound them...
    (Your little pieces of fabric indeed look like fish heads. lol )


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