Friday, June 28, 2013

Quilt Block Shot #2 ~ Flying Crow

 Flying Crow Pattern (pdf)
I have found the wonderful site called
"Free Quilt Patterns"
says it links to over 2500 patterns.
So I'll try to connect each one of my quilt shots to a pattern
or create one myself if one is not found

Variation:  Change pattern/colors Variable Star

Sharing at several Linky Parties.
Thanks to the FREE programs:
possibly used for this post
GIMP for cropping & other digital effects
 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo
PicMonkey creating collages used on this page


  1. Beautiful fabric and quilt. Will these all go together to make 1 big quilt? ~Diane

    1. I don't have a clue what I will do with them yet. It looks like some strips came to go between. Since they all came together, I'm leaning toward putting them together in one quilt with strips. Also, even though the bag was labeled quilt of the month, there are not 12 of them. That means do I add more of my own, or try to make a quilt with the 11 I have?


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