Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guest Post @ Marigold's Loft: Handmade Loops for Buttons/Hooks Tutorial

You'll find the rest of today's post over at "Marigold's Loft" because she asked me to do a guest post ! I'm always honored when someone thinks my work is good enough to share on their blog.  It's very exciting and I enJOY creating the posts, especially tutorials.  I try to stay true to the "jot" part of the title of this blog and not say a lot, but let my "shots" say the most.  This was a tutorial where thank goodness I could use my photography to help me explain.  Hope you enJOY the tutorial and can use the technique.

Please go over and check out the tutorial for making handmade loops for buttons and hooks. While you are there be sure to check out her wonderful blog. If you have your own blog, join her party she hosts on Thursdays and share your tutorials.

Update: This dress had a full dress facing, because it was made for an infant.  Most likely you'll be working with a normal facing, and will only need to just go under the facing to start the stitching rather than trying to pull the knot through the layer of fabric.


  1. Thanks for popping into my blog today! We originally bought out plant hanger for our hummingbird feeder, so I know what you mean :-).

  2. Great tutorial Joy, sorry I did not leave a comment there, they wanted me to set up a new Google identity to leave a comment there. And of course you are better than good enough, congrats on the guest DT spot you more than deserve it! ~Diane

    1. I know what you mean. I'm just don't have the time to join one more thing. I also didn't leave a comment there for the same reason.

  3. Thank you so much Joy for visiting and sharing this awesome tutorial with me and my readers. It was such a pleasure to have you over :)
    Marigolds' Loft

  4. Great tutorial, Joy!!! I've never made a button loop, but I now know how... thanks!

  5. I read the tutorial with interest. I'm curious how you made the original knot disappear...

    Thanks, Sue xo

    1. The knot is pulled through the first layer of fabric. May take a bit of tugging. This is the same thing you do when you are quilting. This happened to be a full faced dress for an infant. Most likely you'll only be dealing with interfacing, so just go under the interfacing and you won't have to worry about pulling the knot through the first layer. Thanks for reading over the tutorial.


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