Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Surprise Bag for Free from 400 Mile Yard Sale

Remember this sign from the previous post?
And, all of the stuff below was acquired for free at that yard (not) sale?
And, I grabbed that red, white & black bag to help hold the stuff I was getting?
After about 15 minutes of digging and gathering, I set the bag on the wagon, to put my stuff in and there appeared some lettering on the bag.
My eye first caught the B.
Oh, well that's good, and it is the initial of my last name.
Then my eye moved to the right, like we do when we are reading.
L is my middle initial!
I gasped and looked to see if there was a letter to the left.
There was my J!

This bag had my monogram!
The lady across the wagon, I'd been helping find fabrics from clothes for a Cinderella play said,
"Then the bag was meant for YOU!"
I'm calling this bag my BSB!
My 400 Mile Yard Sale Souvenir, because every time I use it, I'll think about how I discovered my surprise.   
I used it as my Sunday bag last Sunday.

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful coincidence, was it really a coincidence, lol? ~Diane


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