Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #55 ~ Adairville, KY Farmland & Barns

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We ventured off the 400 Mile Yard Sale a bit last Saturday to check out the Tenn. HWY 70 Yard Sales and then to a couple of used stores in Springfield, TN.  Then we headed north on HWY 431 to Russellville, KY.  This took us through Adairville, KY with some beautiful farmland that's about ready to harvest some wheat.

Two days after I took these pictures, a tornado hit close to Adairville.  I hope these barns are still standing. Our prayers go out to the folks of the Adairville community that had to endure the tornado this week.

I'm thrilled to see the barns have been painted.  Seemed like many farmers had stopped painting their barns.  The paint man has red this year, because several were painted red.

All pictures were taken with my Nikon DSL action setting as Mr. G was driving about 55 mph down the highway.

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  1. Gorgeous pics especially at 55 mph! I cant get a shot that good sitting still at my desk, lol! ~Diane

  2. great photos..
    love that third one :)


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