Monday, July 1, 2013

Road Kill Dresses up Yard Corner

I had always thought a set of these Adirondack like chairs would look so summery sitting on the creek.  Since I quickly found out it became a comical event for me to climb out of one of these chairs, I opted for something else which happened to be much cheaper of course.

So why do I still have one of these?  Look closely.  This was sitting on the side walk waiting for the garbage man, or anyone else roaming the neighborhood on Wednesdays (the day before garbage pick-up) looking for what some of us call "road kill" to pick up.

I'm not one of those that want the newest thing on the market.  Apparently, that's why someone sets something like this on the street for the taking?

Took me 10 minutes to clean this up.  No broken parts.  A very solid chair with some paint worn off which is the look I'm going for already.

Spruced up very well I thought.  Then I added a $1 piece I got on the big 400 mile yard sell.  
Thinking of ideas for either a bird bath or a place to sit a drink, or both.  It'll come whenever.
I don't plan to actually sit here.  I just like the pleasant view it provides.
Such as the view from the deck..... (We'll soon see Brown Eyed Suzy blooming.)
and the view from the master bedroom.

So, I dolled up a corner of my yard for a buck.
I feel like I'm picking up dollar bills that others are scattering around.
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  1. It makes a nice looking area in your back yard even if you don't sit in it.

  2. Nice find! I love Adirondack chairs. We've got a couple of the plastic versions on the back patio. I just think the design is comfortable.

  3. Very nice! Isn't it amazing what some people will throw away?! I bet it is glad it has a new home. I am visiting from Time Travel Thursday and am now following your blog. Stop by Still Woods Farmhouse for a visit when you have a chance!
    Happy 4th of July and Blessings from Still Woods

  4. I love "road rescues". Just today I picked up great stuff from a junk pile... an old stand up ashtray was the best pick. Best wishes to you on your blog. Following on Linky tools. Do you have facebook or Google+ or Pinterest? I'd love to follow on those social platforms also. Linda

    Oh, and come join our party also. Linda

  5. What a revamping of your roadkill!

    have a great 4th of July!

  6. Looks so inviting Joy and you are right, you are picking up dollar bills for sure! These look beautiful and so cozy in your yard. ~Diane

  7. What a find! That looks great--like it is just begging you to come sit in it!

  8. You can't go wrong with these chairs! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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